• Ležišče v kabini za 2 osebi
  • Licenciranega skiperja
  • Osebnega trenerja
  • Fotografa
  • Zavarovanje odgovornosti
  • Nutricionistični meni
  • Osnovno hrano (zajtrk + kosilo)
  • Osnovne prehranske dodatke
  • Pitno vodo
  • Osnovni navtični tečaj
  • Dinghy/ pomožni čoln
  • Sestavljeno pot plovbe
  • Napihljivčke
  • SUP
  • 80s Regato
  • FitWeek program (Dinghy race, SeaOlympics, Ples pod zvezdami)
  • Končno čiščenje

Vsaka kabina je namenjena 2 osebama. Natančna lokacija vsake kabine znotraj jadrnice se lahko razlikuje od tiste, ki je prikazana na tej postavitvi. Skiper in trener ponavadi spita v salonu.

Cena ne vklučuje;

  • Vezov v marinah in zalivih
  • Goriva za plovilo
  • Vstopnic za narodne/nacionalne parke
  • Turistične takse
  • Pijače in večerje
  • Prevoza do izhodiščne marine in nazaj

Teden dni pred izplutjem vas bomo povezali z vašo posadko 8-10 gostov (+ skiper in trener). z njimi boste lahko poklepetali in lažje načrtovali skupen prevoz do marine.

Ponavadi se na FitWeek prijavlja enako število fantov kot punc.

Jadrali boste na enotrupni jadrnici velikosti od 45ft do 50ft, zgrajeni 0d leta 2007 do 2012.

Teden dni pred odhodom boste prejeli e-mail z dodatnimi specifikacijami vaše jadrnice in zneskom povratne kavcije.

Vi in vaši novi sopotniki na plovilu boste morali kriti depozit/kavcijo za vaše plovilo, ki jo je potrebno plačati charter agenciji. Znesek pologa za plovila se razlikuje glede na velikost in starost plovila, ponavadi znaša med 150 in 200EUR na osebo. Nekaj ​​tednov pred izplutjem vam bomo poslali e-poštno sporočilo s podrobnostmi o točnem znesku, ki ga morate prinesti s seboj na dan prijave.

Povratna kavcija je namenjena za morebitno škodo, ki bi jo lahko med dogodivščino povzročili vi ali vaši sopotniki, in se v celoti povrne pod pogojem, da ni povzročena nobena škoda. Ne boste odgovorni za škodo, ki jo povzroči vaš skiper.


There are 3 ways to join SYW:

1. Gather your friends and get yourself a whole yacht. Go BIG or go home they say 😉 The price is fixed so you must split your money between the crew.

2. TWIN? Grab your best friend and book a double cabin. You will then be placed on a yacht with other cabin bookers. Your package includes a cabin, skipper and food! See here for more details.

3. SOLO? Book a cabin we will make sure you will be placed with someone that fits you and is the same sex. If you prefer being alone you can also get a cabin just for yourself.
Please contact us if you have problems with booking!

No, you must always return to the marina you departed from.

If it is only you or only one person arriving late or leaving early it is not a problem. Please organise your transport at your own expense to meet the yachts on time when you arrive or find your way back to the mainland when you need to leave.

Ferry connections are good and we usually don’t have any problems. If you are in a situation like that please contact your skipper or call/write to us.

Your itinerary is set up a couple of weeks before departure so you can precisely see your yacht departure time etc. If you need help drop us an email.

You and your crew are your own bosses. Our route is a suggestion and where SYW flotilla will be, as well as SYW events, trainings, etc. You can decide for yourself if you are joining our party or not, you are welcome to visit different locations. Afterall your end location must be the same as others because of your pre-organized moorings.

Connect with your crew and try to organize a group transfer to the marina! If you are coming by car you can contact us and we will help you find a free parking spot. 🙂

Check out our highlights. You might get some ideas there or ask the skipper they are always happy to help you out.

Especially if you need some recommendations on where to eat. Your homeboy/skipper knows the best places.

On some days you can also rent a jet-ski, scooter or a convertible and explore the island and surprise yourself and find a spot you can enjoy the whole day!

If you would prefer guided tours you can always find a tourist information office or office in marine where they will recommend you what to do!

SURE! We want to make you a memory book because we know you are on vacation in chill mode. Occasionally we might use photos you will take especially if they are awesome! Photos can be used in promotional intentions etc. We do not use paid models for our photo gallery, only you while SailingYourWay 😉 If you prefer not to be on the photos you must notify us and your skipper. Email us on

We encourage our guests to take their own photos to share with friends and the rest of the crew
by tagging #SailYourWay, #SYW #fitweekcroatia on social media.

It depends on the week you are attending. Usually there is 3-10 yachts reserved only for SYW guests.

As little as possible 😉
You have limited storage space on the yacht so we recommend bringing your luggage in a soft sided bag.

You will enjoy a lot of sun, sea, sand which eventually means…bring the best of your summer wardrobe! Sunglasses are a good idea.
Your favorite swimming gear + towel (big one). A must have is your FLOATIE! You simply need one on board.
Do not forget a portable charger. You need your phone, camera etc. so you can create your new IG photo.
Medicine if you have it!
A bottle for fresh water every day!
But after all, have in mind the less you pack the more room you have in your cabin! Do not forget you are sharing the cabin with your bestie.

You are going to spend 3-4 hours every day on the sea. Islands are relatively close so you will
almost always see a bit of land. Don’t worry you will be safe!
The rest of the day you can spend with our trainers and do something for your mind, body and soul or you can relax on the beach or explore the islands. We will always find our team so you can always socialize with other yachts and friends!

SYW attracts 20-40 year old’s. We will always make sure you will share your cabin with someone of the same age and mind.

We have lots of solo traveler’s join us every week at SYW! As a solo traveler, you will be accommodated in a twin or twin single bunk room with a guest of the same gender as you whenever possible, and we will ensure you are grouped with people of a similar age and demographic to yourself!

Sure! Let us know who you would like to be with and we will pay attention to make sure that this will happen!

You will be required to prepare your own food and clean up after yourself. Don’t worry – you are not alone on the yacht and everyone may choose to rotate duties. Keep in mind that the skipper is also a part of the crew. Don’t forget to prepare a meal for him/her as well!
NOTE: Those who are booking the full yacht have the option of booking the hostess who will cook and prepare the meals and clean after.

Hell YEAH! Bring as much food as your heart desires. Keep in mind that alcohol is not included in the price so if you are thinking of making a toast bring it on!

Check in will be in your marina on Saturday. The exact time will be known a few weeks before the event.
Look for SYW flags and you will find us. If you can not find us, give us a call or email us. You can find all the information on our web site – Fitweek
Check out will be also known a few weeks before the event.

Your yacht does not have a WIFI device, but when you will not be on your boat every cafe and restaurant has a wi-fi connection.

You will find yourself a new love.. Yacht + ocean.
Most of our guests are first time sailors. You will be trusted in the hands of the skipper who knows the Adriatic sea the best so you have no worries.
Besides, we only sail a few hours a day so you can relax and enjoy exploring the islands.
It is up to you if you’d like to relax on the boat, learn how to sail, or explore and party on the islands.

Sure! You will not be hungry! If you are booking FIT week your event also includes healthy meals specially prepared for you and your activities by our nutritionists and trainers.
On your yacht you have enough food for breakfast, lunch and snacks.. Dinner is up to you.
Every yacht will have enough water and some juice etc.
If you are booking FRIENDS WEEK or other experiences you will also have food, snacks. The only difference is that your food is totally up to you and your daily menu is not prepared by our trainers.
Meals have to be prepared by you and your crew members. It is very polite and welcome to prepare a meal for your skipper too. Skippers love you, love them too.
If you wish to have a host to cook for you and clean after you let us know!
*We recommend our guests to do most of their food/beverage shopping on the mainland before they depart. There will be supermarkets along the route as well but they are often smaller and more expensive.

We are not going to control how much you eat and how often you are preparing your meals. As said, there are enough groceries for breakfast and one meal per day (half board). If you run out of food you may bring your own food and drinks on board any time at no additional charge.
There are local shops and supermarkets at most shore stops to re-supply if needed.

The number of a crew totally depends on the yacht you are booking. Yachts hold from 6-10 guests plus skipper plus host if booked. To offer you the best sailing experience we are aware that compatibility of the people on the yacht needs to be perfect and that is our priority.

That differs for each offer separately. The included things are listed in the offer. The excluded things are; travel insurance, flights and departure taxes, extra activities, visas, parking if not arranged differently etc.

That differs for each offer separately. The included things are listed in the offer. Of course you can’t hide from learning the basics of sailing and having an awesome time with a qualified skipper.

Seasickness is something totally normal and can be managed in many ways. All you have to do is let your skipper know that you are not feeling well and he/she will help in the best possible way.
If you believe you are prone to seasickness here are some advices for you;
-make sure you stay hydrated,
-get enough sleep,
-look out into the ocean,
-get seasickness tablets or motion sickness patches.
For more information click here.


The yacht security deposit is a payment provided at the beginning of your journey paid to the yachting company. Security deposit may be used for any damages made by you during your trip or for any lost items owned by a yachting company (such as plates etc.) by you during your stay. If there is no damage to the yacht or any items at check out the amount will be fully refunded.
The security deposit amount varies for each yacht and will be provided to you before booking confirmation. Security amount of the deposit can be split among all crew members except skipper. You can pay your deposit with a card, cash or bank transfer, however it can normally be split between 2 credit card holders maximum.
Cabin bookings will need to pay the deposit in cash to their skipper upon arrival. The yacht security deposit will vary depending on your yacht type but usually are around 250eur – 350eur per person. The exact amount will be communicated to you in your brief few weeks prior to your departure.

The money will be put on hold. It can take up to 4 weeks for it to be available again once the charter company has released it. The exact time depends largely on your bank.
If you have not received your deposit after 4 weeks, please contact us and we can reach out to the yachting company to find out if there is a problem!

No, we do not charge card fees. Contact your bank as they may charge their own card fees or foreign transaction fees.

● First instalment (your deposit) required is 10% of the total amount.
● Second instalment 40% is due 15 days after booking, except if there is less than 84 days till the date of the experience the 50% of full package must be paid.
● Third (final) payment 100% of total amount is 30 days before departure.
We will send you friendly email reminders with payment links or bank transfer instructions for easy processing.
NOTE: As soon as you make a bank payment please send us the proof of payment so we can proceed with your bookings in case we don’t get the first instalment in the first 48 hours due to the bank proceedings.

● First instalment (your deposit) required is 10% of the total amount.
● Second instalment 40% is due 15 days after the booking is made, except there is less than 84 days till the date of the experience the 50% of full package must be paid.
● Third (final) payment 100% of total amount is due 30 days before departure.
We will send you friendly email reminders with payment links or bank transfer instructions for easy processing.
NOTE: As soon as you make a bank payment please send us the proof of payment so we can proceed with your bookings in case we don’t get the first instalment in the first 48 hours due to the bank proceedings.

You can change your booking with someone else. You just need to write us your full booking information and full information from the person who will be added to your booking instead of you. For changing any personal data we charge 50EUR.
Note that this must be done by the main booker.


Free cancellation within the first 24 hours of booking.
When you commit to coming on holiday with us, we book yachts and make other financial commitments to skippers and sundry suppliers in order to be able to provide you with a holiday.
Should your circumstances change and you have to cancel, we will need to charge you a cancellation fee in order to offset these financial obligations we have taken on to serve you. We recommend you purchase travel insurance with cancellation cover. It can be bought at all the major insurance companies.
The cancellation fee will be the total value of instalments due up to the point of cancellation. If you paid the full amount when booking, the cancellation fee will be the same as it would have been had you chosen to pay by instalments.

Where you choose to cancel your booking, the Lead Booker should inform us immediately at
Fees applied to your booking are based on your total value of the package. Fees charged for your cancelation can be found below.

Within the first 24 hours of booking or reservation only – 0%
● From 24 hours after booking to no later than 15 days from the booking date or 60
days prior to the event date (whichever comes first): 40%
● Thereafter, until 59 to no less than 30 days prior to the event date (check your
booking to see the exact date): 50%
● Thereafter, no less then 30 days prior to the event date (check your booking to
see the exact date): 100%

Please Note: if your payment plan differs to that in the payments section of this page, the cancellation charges shall differ to those detailed above and shall reflect your payment terms.
For the avoidance of doubt and by way of clarity, where you cancel a booking with a differing payment plan, we shall retain all sums paid up until cancellation.

If circumstances are not good for your trip or if borders for your chosen country are closed to your country or if we cancel the trip because something else we will make sure you will get a special voucher providing you the same experience for your next time, which experience must be booked within 1 year from the cancelation. After 1 year of the cancelation if you did not have the time to join our SYW experience, we will refund you 60% of your package of the total value.
You can also choose to make a refund for money instead voucher.

Although we strive to avoid cancellations, sometimes they are unavoidable and we must reserve the right to do so. We will notify you of any cancellations as soon as possible before departure and you will have the choice to:
● accept the altered arrangements,
● book alternative arrangements from us of a similar standard to the original booking if available, we will always refund the difference in price if replacement holiday is of a lower standard and price, or
● accept the cancellation and receive a 60% or full and refund of all monies you have paid to us. Depends on the amount of days prior to your event start date, check terms and conditions under cancelation by Tim Zevnik s.p..

If canceling a full yacht or cabin booking within 24 hours of placing your booking you will receive a full refund of all monies paid. Please note, the 24-hour period begins when you place your initial booking.
Cancellation after this period incurs cancellation fees, depending on how far in advance you cancel. Please read more about the cancellation fees in our terms and conditions.
Please email to request cancellation.
If it is just you who can no longer attend, but the yacht or cabin is not being canceled, then any refund to you should be discussed internally within your crew. SYW cannot make individual refunds since your crew needs to pay for the yacht in full, no matter how many people there are on it so you will need to resolve this issue within your crew.
You can try to find someone to fill your spot. Once you find someone to replace you, you must arrange payment/refund between yourselves. We cannot refund you for someone else to make the payment.
If you switch the spot with someone we will charge you 50 euros for switching your name in the charter agency.


Travel insurance is strongly recommended in any case of injury, lost or damaged items. Our sailing routes are mainly coastal, that means you should be covered by most travel insurance policies, but is advised to check with your provider.

Of course you can. Whenever you are anchored the skippers will take you to and from the beach on the dinghy. Every yacht is also equipped with life jackets.

Our skippers are informed where to access medical help in every location, however if you think you might need medical help during the trip please inform your skipper so he/she can assist you even quicker.

Of course you are. Safety is the main priority, our skippers are experienced and qualified. As long as you listen to them you are in good hands.

You must ensure that your medical condition does not inhibit your traveling experience with SYW. The sailing trip is not very strenuous unless you wish otherwise. Guests are not obligated to any physical activity. However if you wish you are more than welcome to participate in sailing and other sport activities.
If you have any other questions regarding health, contact us.

If you or your crew member have any disabilities is extremely important to inform us about such things so we can make arrangements in the yacht to make your holiday even more pleasant.
Therefore you must inform us before completing your reservation.


Skipper is 190€/day which is included in our offers. Host cost depends on our offer of your wishes.

Your skipper will explain safety precautions onboard for your safety. You must listen to your skipper while on board.
Treat our skippers as a friend and help them when you are needed.
Our skippers are there to keep you safe and ensure you the best possible sailing experience.
But you must take care of your skipper and prepare the meals for them as well.

Skippers are mandatory and cannot be removed.
Hosts can be added to your offer if wished so. Please inform us about your wishes for the host up to 3 weeks prior departure.
After the deadline the host can not be removed from the booking and booking is not refundable.

If you believe that our skipper did a good job regarding your safety and providing you the best possible trip then feel free to tip them.

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